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Here Are Two New Dealer Programs For You To Consider.

   1.  You Can Sell Custom Etched Glass & Crystal Awards, Trophies & Nameplates At Any Price Or Profit Margin You Choose (And We Will Custom Etch Them For You And Ship Them To You For Customer Delivery).

  2.  You Can Buy Blank Glass & Crystal Awards And Etch Them Yourself  With Either Sand Blasting or Use Our New Glass Etching System And  Special Stencils (Shown Here.)  This Gives You Even More Profit Margin Because Our Prices On Glass Blanks Are the Lowest You Will Find.       Check Them Out For Yourself.......Click Here

Now You Can Sell


Right In Your Own Shop Or Office By Simply Etching Them Yourself Or Having Us Custom Etch Them By Using One Of The Three Price Level Glass Awards Display Sheets Attached Herewith And You Can Even Change The Retail Prices If The Ones Shown Here Are Not To Your Satisfaction.  All You Do Is Show Your Customers The Display Sheets And Take Their Orders And Collect.  Then Either You Etch The Awards Or We Can Do It For You.  The Choice Is Yours.


Here Are Top Quality Jade Glass and Clear Crystal Awards At The Lowest Wholesale Prices We Can Find Anywhere On The Net   And They Are In Stock Now.  Check Them Out Below.

We now offer Three Price Levels for you to choose from and they are included on Each Glass Display Page.  You simply print out the page or just show it to Your Customers to make a sale.  Glass Display Page Price Sheets are found in the Menu and available as Website Pages or as an Adobe PDF File. (If you need a Free Reader, Please Visit Adobe Free Reader.) 

If You prefer to use the Display Pages directly off of a Special Web Page on our Website you can Click Below for Each Level:

Level 1              Level 2              Level 3

Your Profits on the various levels are:

  • Level One Display Page = 25%, 

  • Level Two Display Page = 34%

  • Level Three Display Page = 42%

  • You can even change these profit margins by changing the Retail prices (We can help on this).  Also when your sales at cost go over $500 per month we will give you an Extra 5% Discount that month and if they exceed $1,000 per month we will up that to 10% for that month.  So you can see it is up to you how much you make.

Your Cost on Awards & Nameplates can be found Here or follow the Menu Button.  (Note: Your cost remains the same on all levels and the only difference is you make more profit on Level 2 & 3 than on level one.  Check it out and decide for yourself.  Also note above that you can get even better discounts as your Sales Volume goes UP.

If this sounds good to you or you have an idea of a better way to work with us simply call us at our toll free phone: 800-775-0797 or email us at  and we will answer your questions and help you get started and enter you into our computers as a Dealer.   This only takes a minute and you do not have to "Establish Credit".  You can simply work with us using a credit card or send in checks or money orders with your orders.  (This will be easy since you collect when you make the sale so you should not be out any money.  You simply use your customer's money for the sale.)


You can have a Full 50% Discount on your 1st. Order of one Glass Award and One Glass Nameplate to use as either Samples or to get a very good customer Started.  (You will probably want to use at least one as a Sample to show customers along with the Display pages herein shown.

Also you will find on this site copies of three "Advertising Circulars" that you can copy and print out on your computer printer and then pass these out to get business.  You will find them by  Clicking Here and you can easily Put Your Name and Phone numbers on the bottom of the circulars so no orders come directly to us.

  • We only require ONE THING with regard to the Glass Display Page Price sheets....Please DO NOT Copy them and PUT THEM ON THE INTERNET ON YOUR WEBSITE WITHOUT TALKING TO US.  They are Copyrighted and if Duplicates appear on the net on several websites we will be BANNED AS SPAMMING.  Also We do NOT Want Dozens or even Hundreds of dealers all publishing the same Display Pages under the SAME KEY WORDS.  Thank You.

  • If you want to include some of our products on your website then please contact us and we will help you make a DIFFERENT Page  with different photo's and text copy so we won't be banned as spamming.  We have lots of different photos available.

Transparency Film

Transparencies are used for printing the copy or designs created on your computer. They are then placed in the UV Dura-Film Stencil Maker and transferred onto a piece of unexposed Dura-Film stencil. Please specify laser or inkjet, depending upon the type of printer you use.
Available Size: (Inkjet and Laser Available)
10 Pack 81/2" x 11"



Here Are Great Sales Ideas!

Sell to Corporations, Banks, Insurance Co.'s, Local Business,  Local Clubs, Churches, Charities and Service Organizations.   They all give out awards for the following reasons: 

  • These Awards make The Absolutely Perfect Gift or Recognition Award; one that Adds Elegance to any Desktop or Display Cabinet. 

  • Say "Thank You" for a Job Well Done in Sales, Fund Raising, Recruiting, Volunteering, Donating or simply for excellent Job Performance. 

  • Also Local Business can use the awards to say "We Really Appreciate Your Business".  

  • Any way you use them will bring the Company Real Appreciation for such a Unique and Thoughtful Gift and will add a Lasting Impression of Good Taste to any Desk Top or Display Case.

  • Everyone likes to be recognized and rewarded and when they are rewarded....You are Rewarded with great Sales Opportunities.  This is a Win...Win...Win situation.  Your customers get Premium Quality Awards at Low Discount prices and the recipient gets a Great Award That they will Love and YOU make an Easy Sale with a Nice Profit!  This really works so let's get started Today


Level 1              Level 2              Level 3

Your Cost

Advertising Circulars

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